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The Start of a journey with House of Ruth

From the Designer

“Spaces can’t make you feel anything.” These words were the response from one of ten women survivors of domestic violence when asked how they wanted their new space to feel.

It was a humbling response.

I wasn’t taken aback by such candor; instead I was inspired.

As an interior designer I know the impact design can have on ones’ physical and mental being. However, when safety for yourself and your children is at the forefront, the importance of ones’ physical environment and surroundings can seem irrelevant.

So when approached by Room to Rebloom to help create healing home environments for survivors of domestic violence, it wasn’t a question of need. It became a matter of responsibility to my craft to ensure good design is not only accessible to everyone; but that it heals those who need it the most.

It was important first to take these women through the entire design process. I wanted them to have ownership in crafting their own safe environment. I wanted them to feel in control of decisions and choices that would affect and contribute to their positive progression.

“It doesn’t matter. Make it a waterfall!” were responses to concept to development. This concept ended up being very apropos. Waterfalls inherently move in a forward motion as they always progress. Even after what can be a tumultuous or violent drop, the waters grow calm and move forward. 

Kia Weatherspoon, Allied ASID                                         Determined by Design


When I walked into this room I realized change was possible for me.
— Domestic Violence Survivor

The Summer of Refreshes and Change

This is a powerful experience for these women because it shows they are valued. Designing these spaces with and for them has been a remarkable teachable moment.
— Winifred Wilson, Executive Director House of Ruth

We couldn't have done it without their help